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Please complete this e-portfolio submission form so your instructor can assess your work.
  • Please enter your first and last name. If you go by a different name than your legal name, you can enter it in brackets.... e.g. Hiying (Frank) Wu would enter "Hiying (Frank)" for first name and "Wu" for last name.
  • Please indicate which year of studies you are in at Capilano University.
  • Please indicate your course and instructor that you did this e-portfolio assignment for.
  • Please enter the URL (i.e. website address) of your e-portfolio (e.g. http://zenportfolios.com/joelunchpail). It is most accurate if you load up your e-portfolio in a Web browser and then "copy" the URL of your e-portfolio then "paste" above.
  • What aspects of this e-portfolio assignment do you think worked well?
  • What aspects of this e-portfolio assignment do you think need to be improved?
  • Were there aspects of WordPress, the underlying software behind ZEN Portfolios, that you found complicated or confusing (where you feel there should be additional instruction before the assignment)? If so, please list.
    Please describe how comfortable you are now using WordPress?
  • Approximately how many hours did you spend working on your e-portfolio assignment? This doesn't impact your grade... we are just trying to get an overall sense of how long the assignment is taking students. Results will only be looked at in aggregate form. Please don't include the word "hours"... just enter the number rounded to the nearest hour (e.g. for three hours, enter 3)
  • If you have any other comments related to this e-portfolio assignment you would like to share, please enter them here.

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